Residence permit

Residence permit for family reasons

It is necessary to enter in Italy for family reasons.

After the entry into Italy and visa within 8 days from the entry, of the person concerned will book for an appointment at the Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione of L’Aquila to sign the request of a residence permit.

Required Documentation

  1. 1 Passport photos.
  2. 1 Duty stamp of E16,00
  3. Photocopy of passport or other equivalent document.

The appointed day the subject goes at Sportello Unico Per l’Immigrazione.

Foreign nationals, over the age of 16 years who enter for the first time in the country, will have to sign the request for issuance of a residence permit not less than one year, as well as integration agreement.

The form to request the residence permit is printed and filled at Sportello Unico Per l’Immigrazione.

The person signed the request of a residence permit and received the envelope with the request that must be presented open at the authorized Post Offices along with a receipt of the payment made by using the pre-printed postal paying-in slips.

At the time of submission of the request at the authorized post office, the foreigner will be identified with a passport or other equivalent document.

The operator of the post office will deliver the receipt of registration that will have to be preserved. Upon the receipt are printed two personal identification codes (user id and password) through which the applicant may know the status of the practice by connecting to

Measure Release
The electronic stay permit is issued by the police, if the Testo Unico and implementations subsist.