Family reunification

The entry procedure

The foreign citizen who lives in Italy can exercise his/her right to family unit, regulated in both national and international legislations, applying for family reunification. (art 29 Dlgs 286/98 and further modifications).

The foreign citizen in possession of residence permit for work, study, asylum, subsidiary protection and religious reasons can exercise his/her right to family unit.

You may apply for reunification with the following family members:

  • the spouse not legally separated and not being under 18;
  • minor children born to you or your spouse within or out of wedlock, provided that the other parent, if existing, gives his/her consent;
  • financially dependent children over 18 who cannot provide for their own needs, due to serious health conditions implying total disability;
  • financially dependent parents who have not any other children in their country of origin or residence, or parents over 65 whose other children are unable to support them financially because of serious health problems duly certified.

The applicant must demonstrate the availability of:

  • an accommodation compliant to good hygiene and suitable health and safety standards, verified by the competent Municipal offices;
  • an annual minimum income that has to derive from legal sources and has to be no lower than the annual amount of Italian social allowance Assegno Sociale (equal to € 5.830, 76 per annum in 2015), plus half of the amount of the social allowance (euro 2.915,38) per additional family member.


  1. Data transmission application for family reunification.
  2. Preliminary stage at the front desk for immigration (Sportello Unico per l’immigrazione) concerning requirements verification for the release of the entry visa (residence permit, income, accommodation, etc..)
  3. Entry Visa Application to be submitted to the foreign Italian Embassy in charge
  4. Entrance to Italy