F.A.Q about the authorization to family reunification

1. Where must be submitted the request for authorization?
The new online procedure provides to submit the information and provides to identify the relevant Sportello Unico (Immigration front desk) to issue the entry clearance.

2. Why it must be attached the passport or other identity document?
Because the possible absence of correspondence between the data reported in the authorization with those reported in the passport of the foreign citizen will not allow the granting of the next entry visa.

3. The certificate of accommodation, issued by the competent municipal offices, must be presented in the original?

4. Where can you require the certificate of accommodation?
It Must be requested by the foreigner to the Municipality of the place where it is located the accommodation.

5. What you must produce to demonstrate that the rent contract was tacitly renewed?
You need the copy of the model f23 (income tax return) relating to the yearly tax.

6.What must you submit in case of accumulation of income with a family member?
The family member must prove his own income with documentation relating to work.

7. Who must be submitted documentation showing the family situation?
When you request a visa to enter to the Italian State territory, the family member, for whom the authorization is requested, after receiving it, submits to the embassy office in the country of origin, the certification that demonstrate the relationship, marriage, under-age, and every act of civil status necessary, properly translated and authenticated.

8. What happens in case of that the required certification is not be found for lack of foreign competent authority, or is not reliable?
The Embassy in the country of origin of the family members, releases the documents based on the DNA examination made by their own expenses.

9. How to document the health status of adult dependent children?
Through the certification issued by the doctor nominated by the competent Embassy representation for the countries of origin of the family for which reunification was requested. Even this procedure is made by the family expanses.

10. How is the issue of the the authorization?
The Sportello Unico (Immigration Front Desk) after verifing the accuracy of documents, calls upon the applicant, who will carry a tax stamp of 16 Euros. The applicant is also provided the phone number of Sportello Unico to take an appointment for the next convocation at the same place where the family member has to request the residence permit within 8 days in Italy.

11. For how long can the authorization be used?
You can use the authorization within 6 months from the date of issue.

12. Can the authorization (nulla osta) be picked up by someone else?
Yes. It is necessary, the mandation and a copy of the ID cards of both people (delegator and delegated).

13. What the foreign applicant can do, once he/she recieved the authorization?
The application has to be sent to the family member in the country of origin; than, the family member goes to the embassy to apply for the reunification entry visa, providing all the necessary certification that attested the family relationship.

14. Where can you apply for the reunification entry visa?
At the Italian embassy or the consular representation in the country of origin or permanent residence of the foreigner.

15. What the application for the entry visa must include and what kind of documentation must be attached?
The application must include the personal details of the family member that wants to rejoin, all the passport details or equivalent documentation (travel document for stateless people, refugee people, travel document for foreign people that can’t recieve any document by his/her country of origin, a UNLP-United Nations Laissez-Passer- or an individual document issued by Nato Headquarters).
The passport or any other equivalent travel document, the entry clearance and the documentation certifying the family relationship must be attached to the application.

16. When and how the visa will be released?
Within 30 days after your visa application is received.

17. Do consular representations release other documents together with the entry visa?
Yes. A written communication in understandable language for the foreigner, otherwise in english, french, Spanih or arabic, that descibe all the rights and duties related to the entry and permanence in Italy, and also the obligation to go to the Immigration Desk within 8 day from the entry in Italy.

18. To whom consular authorities have to communicate the entry visa issue to the foreigner?
To the Immigration Desk by telematic service.

19. What the person that gives hospitality has to do with the reunification visa?
A written communication, within 48 hours, to the local authority of public security certifying an accomodation or hospitality. Documentation that attests a possible property disposal, urban or rural properties, to the foreigner or stateless even if he/she is a relative.
The communication has to include the personal details of the applicant, the foreigner or stateless, the passport details or any other identification document related to him, the exact position of the property given or where the foreigner is hosted and the property titles that make communication mandatory.
The violation involves an administrative sanction of an amount from € 160 to 1.100.

20. Who is going to communicate a visa denial to the foreigner? what is the procedure like?
Italian diplomatic or consular authorities must personally notify the applicant of a visa denial or refusal by a written justification, that also specifies how to submit a claim to the qualified authorities, when requirements contemplated by law are not satisfied or when the applicant has been convicted of a crime specified in art.380 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure involving drug violation, sexual freedom, aiding and abetting of illegal immigration and emigration to or from Italy or any crime related to the recruitment or exploitation of prostitution or minors to be used in illegal activities.
If the foreigner doesn’t understand Italian language, there also must be a translation of the measure in English, French, Spanish or Arabic according to the applicant’s references.

21. What does the foreigner has to do after arriving in Italy with a visa for family reunification?
Within 8 days in Italy the foreigner must go to the Sportello Unico per l’immigrazione (Front Desk for Immigration) to collect the certificate attesting his/her fiscal code and to fill out the residence permit request form for family reunification;
later he will be summoned to the police station (Questura/Commissariato) for fingerprinted and only after that there will be the residence permit release or denial.

22. Can foreigners without income request the authorization for reasons of family reunification?
Yes, in case the applicant doesn’t have any income, you can consider the income of the spouse or the family members who live together with him/her, as long as it is sufficient.

23. Can foreign citizens who have been recognized as refugees, and therefore asylum permit holders, and foreign nationals who have been granted subsidiary protection request the authorization for family reunification?
Yes, and they are not required to demonstrate any income and housing requirements.

24. What identity documents are equivalent to a passport?
Identity documents equivalent to a passport are:
• Travel document for stateless persons
• Travel document for refugees
• Travel document for foreigners (unable to receive a valid travel document by the country in which they are nationals)
• UNLP-United Nations Laissez-Passer
• Individual document issued by NATO headquarters to the military staff of Nato forces.
• Seaman’s book, issued to seafarers for the exercise of their professional activity
• Document of air navigation
• Identity card valid for expatriation for EU nationals
• Identity Card and other documents of nationals of states parties to the European Agreement on the abolition of passport (signed in Paris on 13.12.1957).

25. What does the overseas family member has to do after receiving the authorization?
He has to go to the Italian diplomatic or consular representation to submit the application for visa issuance, together with the documentation transmitted to him by the applicant family member and the documentation certifying the family relationship.